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National Safety Month with SABRE

Whether you're a college student, a runner, an outdoor adventurer or you just moved to the big city - taking proactive steps to ensure personal safety is crucial in today's world. Just in time for National Safety Month, I've partnered with the leading personal safety experts at SABRE with a few tips and safety products to help you live confidently.

Our first tip is to always keep your distance. If you're in an unfamiliar place with strangers, stay back at least 12 feet so you have time to react in case any threats arise. One handy little device I like to keep on me at all times is pepper spray.

SABRE's maximum strength pepper sprays and gels are mighty discreet, easy-to-use and come in various sizes to fit your lifestyle. Plus, why go hands on with an attacker when you can keep a safe distance between you? Especially when you're armed with pepper gel. This stuff has the added benefits of reduced wind blow back and only affects what it directly contacts because it's a slightly thicker substance than traditional pepper spray. I like to keep these in my purse and if I'm traveling, I can use the auto visor clip for easy access in the car, too.

Speaking of your car - do you have a seat belt cutter? Most people don't, but with the Safe Escape 3-in-1: you get a seatbelt cutter, a window glass breaker, and maximum strength pepper gel that can help you get out of a vehicle in an emergency and protect yourself against an attack.

If you're hopping on a plane to a new destination this summer - keep this next tip in mind and make yourself a hard target. You don't want to look lost, or be distracted looking down at your phone. Instead, be aware of your surroundings and walk with your shoulders back. For added protection, have a personal alarm with LED light on hand. And once you're back at your hotel room, equip your door and door stop with an alarm, too. These devices easily fit in your suitcase and sound an ear-piercing alarm if someone attempts to enter a room uninvited.

To shop today's products and check out even more personal safety tips, head over to and stay protected while doing the things you love most this summer!

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