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  • Michelle Yarn

How to Achieve Healthy Water

This time of year we hear all about hydration. The weather is warming up, the sun is staying out longer and it’s important to stay hydrated by drinking more water. Sounds simple enough, but there’s more to it...

We know water can keep you healthy, but how healthy is your water?

These glasses of water may look fine, but how do you know? Ever heard of TDS? It stands for “Total Dissolved Solids”. It’s a measure of the combined content of all substances contained in your water. Things like heavy metals and LEAD. We DO NOT want to drink those and according to the EPA, these solids are generally small enough to survive filtration through a traditional filter!

My solution is the ZeroWater water filtration system.

These handy pitchers provide a solution for reducing lead that is more affordable than reverse osmosis. Even better, it works for everyone regardless of their sink setup keeps you from dealing with attaching a cumbersome faucet mount. It's one-pitcher functionality is simply easier than all the other options and it works better, too.

Zero Water’s TDS meter tells you how many total dissolved solids, in parts per million, are in your drinking water. You can even check a specific zip code’s reading on You may be surprised at what you find!

When you’re ready to drink some cleaner water, you simply fill your ZeroWater pitcher and let the water run through it's unique patented five-stage filtration system. It’s the only pour-through device certified by the NSF for lead reduction and other heavy metals. Not only that, it removes virtually all total dissolved solids. It is the only gravity-fed filtration system to match the TDS levels found in purified bottled water. Once it’s run through, you’re ready to enjoy a cleaner glass of water, worry free.

It’s great for you and your family and because the filtration process is so effective, ZeroWater has been working to help other families through the “Filters for Flint” matching program in the community of Flint, Michigan, where residents have been dealing with a major lead concern in the area.

To learn more about ZeroWater or how you can get involved with “Filters for Flint”, check out Cheers to a summer of healthy hydration!


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