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M.Y. Summertime Must Haves

Once this warm weather arrives, my family and I try to spend as much time outside as we can. Whether it’s the pool or beach, out on the boat or simply having some old school fun running through the sprinklers - it wouldn’t be summer without water.

With that in mind, I’m going to share the Yarn family’s summertime stockpile. These are the items we always make sure to have on hand this time of year.

The first is plenty of sun protection. Especially living in the “Sunshine State”, I always make sure to have several methods for protecting the whole family from the sun’s harsh rays. Broad spectrum sunscreen is a given, but don’t forget about items like hats and sunglasses. And for the kids, these UPF swim shirts will keep them covered and protected all day!

Speaking of the kids, now is the perfect time to stock up on some reliable swimpants. When Jack was still in diapers we went through so many of these - Huggies Little Swimmers disposable swimpants. Now that Charlie is part of our family it was a no brainer to use these again. Huggies Little Swimmers are ideal for any time your little one is playing in the water. Not just at the pool, we even use them when we are running through sprinklers in the backyard!

New this year, the swimpants feature characters from the summer’s new Finding Dory movie. SO cute!

Now, here’s what makes them the number one choice of moms. Huggies Little Swimmers swimpants are made of unique absorbent material that won’t swell in the water. They have extra-protective leak-guards to lock in the mess. Plus, they have easy-open sides to make changing a breeze. They’re stretchy, too which makes for a great fit in and out of the water.

The next item you’ll definitely need this summer - plenty of wipes! My go-to are these Huggies Natural Care Wipes. I rely on these for so much. They have strong and absorbent Triple Clean Layers which are great for cleaning faces, fingers and sand from between your toes during your days at the beach. Plus, this is Huggies’ simplest formula ever, made of 99 percent water for a gentle clean perfect for Charlie’s delicate skin.

My last must have this time of year is entertainment. The pool, surf and sand are even more fun with some toys so the kids can let their imagination run free! I keep shovels, buckets, sand molds, and a few plastic cups all together in a mesh bag like this one. So anytime the urge to get outside hits us - I can grab it and go!


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