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  • Michelle Yarn

Healthy Tips for Your Independence Day Parties

It’s alright to indulge this 4th of July! We’re grilling and snacking and enjoying tasty party food, but there are a few little things you can do to to keep your health in mind while still enjoying your Independence day spread.

1. Go for the whole foods first.

This applies everyday really, but when you’re celebrating around food it can be even harder to do. Try to fill up on the least processed foods available. Fruit salads, veggie skewers, deviled eggs, freshly grilled meats. A nice rule of thumb tends to be the fewer the ingredients, the better the choice. The highly processed and pre packaged foods are usually loaded with preservatives, sugars and sodium!

Speaking of sodium....

2. Switch out your salt.

As a whole, Americans are taking in way too much sodium. So much so that the Food and Drug Administration recently issued voluntary new guidelines for the food industry, which are aimed at cutting our daily salt intake over the next decade to 2,300 milligrams. The current average right now? 3400 milligrams!

When you’re prepping your favorite recipes this holiday, one idea is to switch your regular table salt to this - Salt for Life®. It’s salt with less sodium! This is a proprietary blend of sea salt from Brazil and potassium salt from Canada, Salt for Life® delivers an unprecedented 75% reduction in sodium, by replacing it with potassium. Which is a necessity and under-consumed nutrient. Salt for Life® provides the same the salt taste you love with the benefit of improved nutrition.

You use it in the same way and amount you would use regular table salt to season, cook and bake. Salt for Life is now available online at, and a growing number of retailers.

3. Use a plate!

It’s all too easy to eat waaaay more than you’d planned if you’re snacking directly from the bowl or bag. Put any food you want to eat onto a plate so you can see exactly how much you’re eating.


So those are three simple ways to enjoy the party, while still keeping your health in mind - this 4th of July and beyond!

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