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Baby Safety Tips

One of the most valuable things we can have as a parent is peace of mind! We all want to know we’re doing our best to keep baby happy, healthy and safe so I want to share some of the items I personally use at home with my boys, Jack and Charlie, to give me that peace of mind.

1. Baby Monitor

Summer Infant has an amazing line of products to keep you connected. The digital technology within all Summer Infant’s monitors ensure a private and secure connection and I love that all of their video monitors let you add extra cameras to monitor multiple children or additional rooms. This was great when our family grew because I can do a split screen with Charlie and Jack in view and the two way communication let’s me talk back to them. Other features like room temperature and pan/scan and zoom on the Full View 5-inch Video Monitor are fabulous too.

Summer Infant’s Babble Band is a wearable audio Monitor. I can totally see myself wearing this while exercising, doing household chores or when playing outside with my older son Jack. And their Liv Cam Portable Camera is so cool! I would definitely keep this in my trunk at all times to have on hand for family visits, playdates or vacations.

2. Swaddling

Another item I simply couldn’t have gone without is SwaddleMe Swaddles. Jack used them and now Charlie still does! With SwaddleMe there’s no more pull, wrap and tuck. It also eliminates loose bedding in the crib and helps keep babies sleeping safely on their backs. The sleep experts at SwaddleMe have truly created the only “grow with me” swaddle brand that extends the safety and comfort up to 24 months.

The SwaddleMe Pod, Stage 1, recreates the comfort of the womb and the tiny zipped pod is perfect for infants up to 2 months. Unlike swaddling blankets, the Original SwaddleMe has hook and loop closures so baby stays snug. This Stage 2 swaddle, is perfect for infants up to 7 months and provides the feeling of support and security to help baby sleep soundly.

The Stage 3 Love Sack, is safe for swaddling when baby can roll over - it has this unique in or out arm design.

The Stage 4 Wiggle Blanket is perfect for infants up to 24 months with extended sleeves for movement.

SwaddleMe even offers sleep aides like the By Your Side Sleeper to give parents a safe way for baby to sleep next to you. You can find All of these SwaddleMe products at your local Target store or on

3. Diaper Rash Solutions

In a recent survey of millennial parents, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste found that 82% wished they had more tricks up their sleeve for preventing diaper rash. Well, Butt Paste is the ultimate diaper rash solution, this provides relief to baby's skin from the first use on. If you came to my house you’d see these tubes all over the house and my diaper bag. And not only are they fast acting, but they don't have any harsh ingredients. They're free-from Parabens, Preservatives, Dyes, Phthalates and Talc. There are three targeted formulas, Original, Maximum Strength and All Natural, they all have the ability to kick some rash!

4. Innovative Safety Items for Home & Car

The Munchkin Vibe baby gate is gorgeous and was designed to turn an everyday safety item into a beautiful addition to your home. The elegant lines, see-through mesh, and sleek modern design make it a gorgeous center-piece for your home. This premium steel gate comes fully assembled with a turnkey mount and can be purchased in 5 great colors.

Now for the car - Munchkin's White Hot Sun Safety Shade has easy-to-use, retractable roller car shades helps block the sun and also feature a White Hot® patented heat alert indicator that turns white when car is too hot.

Munchkin's Swing!™ Baby In-Sight® Mirror allows mom to check in on rear-facing child without turning around while driving. The animals swing side to side with the motion of your car for entertaining fun - no batteries required and or course, it's crash-tested.


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