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Gym Bag Essentials

Before you hit the gym, let’s make sure you’re bag is stocked with all the items you may need for your workout session. Here are some of my top picks!

First things first, fitness isn’t just about exercising. It’s also about fueling your body with the right nutrients to keep you energized and feeling your best. I use protein powder every day. It’s a nice way to add a punch of protein to your smoothies or even on its own with water or almond milk. But it’s important to know what’s in the protein you choose.

Garden of Life makes some of my favorite plant based raw organic protein powders. These are both Non-GMO Verified and USDA Organic Certified and Informed Choice Certified for Sport. They’re made with the cleanest proteins like organic peas, sprouted grains, seeds and legumes. In fact, they have one of the most traceable supply chains in the industry.

This Vanilla Chai is my favorite but there’s also vanilla, chocolate and unflavored. I like to pre-measure a scoop into a bottle to put in my bag and go!

I also like to stay organized with a little homemade hair clutch. I basically use a small makeup bag for all of the hair necessities to touch up after my workout. This is really helpful if you have to go to work or maybe a lunch when you leave the gym.

Another must have for your gym bag is a great deodorant. CRYSTAL Deodorant is an award winning line of natural deodorants that neutralize bacteria by creating an invisible protective barrier using natural mineral salts. They actually prevent body odor for 24 hours, NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU WORKOUT, unlike ordinary deodorants that merely cover up odor with fragrance or unwanted chemicals.

CRYSTAL is hypoallergenic, safe, healthy, and totally effective. Dermatologist tested and recommended by cancer treatment centers nationwide. I also love that these have no harmful chemicals, aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum zirconium, parabens or phthalates.

And a bonus is the packaging - recycling is the best option, but more than 90% of plastics still end up in landfills. So all of the CRYSTAL roll-on containers now feature a unique plastic blend that DRAMATICALLY cuts the time it takes to break down in a landfill.

And finally ladies, I want to share with you a product to help out with those “oops” moments many of us have had while working out… especially if you’ve had children.

I’m talking about bladder leaks - the technical term is stress urinary incontinence, or SUI but you know what I mean! It’s a super common type of bladder leakage, experienced by 35 million women, that can be triggered by coughing, sneezing, laughing and even exercising. My friend has a 1-year-old and we were just talking about how “jumping jacks” make her nervous now because of SUI!

That’s why Poise Impressa Bladder Supports are so great for your gym bag. They’re the first over-the-counter internal product designed to help stop those leaks before they happen by gently lifting, or supporting, the urethra and can be worn for up to 8 hours.

Safe, comfortable and effective, Poise Impressa Bladder Supports come in three sizes. This Impressa sizing kit will help you find the right one for you!


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