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Tips to Make Learning for Kids Fun

Kids love to play! We know this, but did you also know that playtime has a crucial role in early childhood development? So parents, the toys we choose can help encourage our kids to meet developmental milestones and make learning fun.

But how do we choose? I’ve teamed up with VTech to show you a few top picks for different age ranges. VTech’s award-winning Baby, Infant and Preschool lines feature an extensive range of products that support developmentally meaningful skills and experiences. They have options for babies through school-aged children.

And here’s a fun fact! They’re designed in collaboration with VTech’s Expert Panel to encourage children to meet essential developmental milestones at each age and stage, and all of the products deliver against categories that are essential for the development of young children: language and cognitive development, social and emotional development, and physical and motor development.

These educator-approved baby and infant products include a range of adorable rattles. These are important for that physical and motor development.

The Care for Me Learning Carrier is an interactive pet carrier that promotes pretend play and nurturing.

And then there’s the Sort & Discover Activity Cube with five sides of fun that introduce colors, numbers, animals and more.

As babies grow into toddlers and preschoolers, there are more age-appropriate toys to foster development, including...

The Pull & Learn Alligator, a perfect pal for teaching kids about letters and phonics.

The Zoo Jamz Piano, an adorable 4-in-1 instrument that lets kids play different songs, melodies and instruments.

And the DigiArt Creative Easel, an interactive easel that can be transformed from a light-up dry-erase board to a chalkboard and drawing table, combining learning and creativity.

So parents, have some fun choosing the best toys for your child’s age and stage. And then sit back and watch your kids’ imaginations run wild. Visit and for more info.


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