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  • Michelle Yarn

November Gym Bag Must Haves Part II

Okay, ladies we are jumping back in to some of my gym bag essentials. These are items that can seriously save the day when those inevitable “oops” moments pop up!

We’ve all gotten caught-up in daily not so fresh moments, when we are leaving the gym and have to run a quick errand or want to grab coffee with a friend! It’s inevitable! But Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths are the perfect solution to help you freshen-up and feel confident, even when you are on-the-go!

And did you know that women have more sweat glands down there than anywhere else on the body? So that’s where these Summer’s Eve pH-balancing cloths come in handy to help to quickly wipe away odor-causing bacteria for ultimate comfort. The cloths are clinically and gynecologist tested, as well as hypoallergenic and alcohol-free. We’re talking gentle care! So you can try the individual packets or the soft pack of cloths. And they come in a variety of light and natural scents, to help you stay fresh after the gym to wherever you need to go!

Now another potential problem we don’t want to worry about is leaks. It’s that time of the month and yes we still want to be active! So these are just perfect to keep on hand - Tampax Pearl Active is designed to provide women with high-performance protection so you can stay in the game! There are some really nice features to these, like the brand’s slimmest applicator ever. And Tampax Pearl Active Tampons have something called FormFit™ protection that gently expands for incredible coverage of all of our unique shapes. You get up to 8 hours of protection, and on top of that Tampax Pearl Active tampons feature a Built-In Backup™ Braid that helps catch leaks and send them back to the core. These are just perfect for those of us who don’t want our periods to get in the way of our active moments.

And that rounds out my list of gym bag essentials. Just keep a few of each of these in your bag at all times and no more worries about mother nature getting in the way of our day!


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