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It's National Sleep Awareness Month! How to Help Kids Rest Better

March is National Sleep Awareness month, and I think it’s safe to say that sleep is something we all would love to get more of. And for parents, that holds especially true - not only for us, but for our children too! A well rested child is happier and healthier, and parents are always looking for safe natural solutions to help their kids rest easy.

I’m a huge fan of essential oils and I just had to share the natural bedtime regimen I’ve been using lately for my 4 year old Jack and 2 year old Charlie.

This is the Slumber and Sleep product line from Oilogic® Essential Oil Care. The entire line is made up of 100% pure essential oil blends that are safely and properly diluted just for your kids. It’s formulated for little ones 6 months and older.

There are 3 steps to this - using The Vapor Bath, Calming Cream and Essential Oil Roll-On. So at bath time, you just pour the vapor bath solution into warm water. I love the subtle hints of lavender and chamomile oil.

After bath, rub the calming cream all over your child’s body to calm the senses.

And finish off by applying the Essential Oil Roll-on to the back of the neck, chest and bottom of the feet.

Jack is so sweet, he likes to “help” mommy with that last part!

That’s it! It’s the perfect bedtime trio to help you create a routine that helps babies and toddlers relax and get the rest they really need.

And In honor of National Sleep Awareness Month, Oilogic is launching the Kids Better Sleep Project to raise awareness for the importance of using natural solutions to rest well and giving parent’s back time lost on getting kids to bed. So, mamas - now through Mother’s Day, you can receive product samples, view a super fun and engaging video, enter sweepstakes to win prizes and so much more. Just head to to learn more about the Kids Better Sleep Project. And here’s to some Sweet Dreams!


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