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Car Care 101: Tips to See Clearly on the Road

According to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, it’s estimated that 90% of driving decisions are made based on vision. And with Spring Break on the way, lots of us will be taking a road trip! So let’s make sure we’re seeing clearly on the road! Here are some quick tips

1. Avoid clutter on your dashboard! I’ve been guilty of this before with parking passes, sunglasses, hats and other items just sitting on the dash. But sunlight reflects off all of these types of items. Anything with a shiny surface, including paper, can impair your sight lines while driving. So clear them out! You can put them in your glove box for safe keeping.

2. Wash your windshield regularly. I’m not talking about the built in spray on your car. I mean a real wipe down, inside and out! Grime on the glass makes the sunlight refract and scatter, which intensifies the glare. So keep it clean and dry for best results.

3. Check and replace your wipers if needed! Over time, as windshield wiper blades are exposed to the elements, they can become brittle which affects your ability to safely see the road after dark and in inclement weather. Wiper blades are made of a soft rubber compound that may break down over time thanks to exposure to the elements. And that can negatively impact how well they work! Did you know there are even Winter Blades that are reinforced for more extreme winter weather? They have a rubber sleeve to prevent ice and snow build up on the blade. So check yours out and see how much better things look with new blades!

4. Finally, one of the best ways to be sure your car is ready to roll is to have it inspected and serviced before you hit the road! You could always do what I do and just bring your vehicle in to your local Jiffy Lube® to let the experts take care of it for you! There are more than 2,000 service center locations across North America so you’re bound to find one near you. The technicians are all trained to do a broad range of services including a Jiffy Lube® Signature Service® Oil Change, windshield wiper replacement, transmission fluid exchange, tire rotation and more!

Now the only thing left to worry about is hearing that dreaded question from the kiddos, “Are we there yet?!” Safe travels!


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