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Sleep Solutions

This time of year always means quite a few house guests! As someone who loves to host, I want to make sure my visitors are as comfortable as possible and a touch of luxury is always nice as well! This is especially true if your visitors are from a different time zone and will really need a restful night’s sleep. So if you’re preparing a spare room to help your guests fight jet lag, here’s a couple of my favorite items that take comfort to a whole new level.

First, take a look at the brand new Tanda mattress. This isn’t just any mattress. You’ll notice on the outside it has an ultra soft cover and beautiful blue accent border for a quality look and feel.

The Tanda is super comfortable using a special foam material called OptiBreeze that offers the perfect bounce and responsiveness to keep you comfortable all night long. But what makes this mattress so innovative is a very special feature that is built in to the material called ATROS technology or Advanced Temperature Regulation for Optimal Sleep.

What that means is it uses a new cooling technology that is scientifically proven to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night.

Research has shown that cooler temperatures help to induce sleep. Tanda’s ATROS technology slightly lowers your body temperature by pulling the cool air from the room and transferring it directly to the body to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Drifting off to sleep has never been easier!

The neat thing is Tanda also offers the same cooling ATROS technology in pillows as well. I mean who doesn’t love a cool pillow? From head to toe you can have a comfortably cool sleep experience like no other.

If you’d like to see the full line-up of products visit – they offer a full range of sleep products with the option to select the right level of cooling for you. I love that they deliver for free from website to doorstep with a free one hundred day trial and free returns...which makes this a great holiday gift as well!

If you’re looking to add maximum comfort to your home for your guests or even for yourself, be sure to replace your pillows and mattresses with Tanda’s. Your guests will have never slept so well!


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