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Wrapping Paper Station DIY

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Wanted to pop by the blog today to say hello and give you encouragement for all the things you're doing to make the holidays memorable at your home. The holidays are a happy time of year to enjoy the company of loved ones, try new family traditions and find those special gifts for everyone on your list. And to make sure you spend your time on those things instead of tedious holiday logistics, I have a few tips to help you out!

First up, what I like to do is bake and freeze! There are certain recipes like cookies, breads and even pies that keep very well in the freezer. And in order to be "A host of Things", I start baking and freezing treats to have on hand... ready to give to a neighbor, my daughter’s class or just to have for us! Sounds doable, right?

And my second tip to minimize stress is to minimize mess! Wrapping presents, putting up the tree and outdoor lights is something I really look forward to...I want everything to look its absolute best! But fragile items can break and there’s always last minute gifts I need to wrap. So I decided to turn an old messy workbench in our garage into the perfect wrapping and tool station so I can wrap like a pro and make sure my decor is in tip top shape...not to mention it’s handy for the rest of the year too!

Here is how to make a Wrapping Paper Station'll love it!

Start by sifting through the items you use everyday and toss the things you don’t. Once you narrow down your essential items, you can go online to Organize My Drawer. I went on and was able to make custom acrylic drawer dividers myself...that fit my items perfectly, my drawer perfectly and I like how user-friendly the online design tool is! I picked the black liner which helps keep items from sliding around...they have about a dozen to choose from.

This is our Before Photo (goodness it needed some love!)

And this is the After!

Whew! Much better! Look how pretty it is and ORGANIZED!

Now if you want to make one or two for your home, just head to It takes only a few minutes to create a customized drawer insert to fit wrapping supplies and tools like I have here or even kitchen items, makeup for your vanity or jewelry too! So once you have an area organized, you'll be able to get things done and get back to watching holiday movies with your family.

And my third tip for reducing holiday stress is to shop early. Once you check everyone off your list, you can use your time how you really want to...which reminds me, I have cookies that need decorating! So take care everyone and happy wrapping! - Stefaney

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