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Winter Weather Auto Prep

When you start your vehicle during this turn of the season, you may notice a difference in its efficiency. Colder weather may have an impact a vehicle’s performance so best to prepare you and your four wheeled friend. Jiffy Lube has some easy tips to help us prep! Here’s the 6 things you should do to for Winter Weather Auto Care:

1. Check your Vitals. It’s kinda like checking your own pulse. You want to make sure everything is properly maintained and operating smoothly. So, start with checking your antifreeze and windshield washer fluid levels. You want to make sure your engine has the optimal cold weather protection and the windshield plenty of fluid to wipe away dirt and snow. The other vitals you’ll want to check are your battery power and tire pressure; remember, tire pressure in a tire typically goes down 1-2 pounds for every 10 degrees of temperature change. This will hopefully keep you from waiting on the side of the road for assistance.

2. Check your Battery. I’m reiterating it again because it is just that important! If your battery is weak, you can’t rely on it. Have you ever tried to start your car on a frigid winter morning only to hear it click click click? Well, that’s because it can take longer to start in colder weather, so take your battery to your nearest Jiffy Lube to have it tested for enough power.

3. Fill Er’ Up! Sounds pretty simple and it is! Keeping your tank at least half full may help to avoid condensation build-up and potential issues. And if you want to conserve gas this winter, try running the heater just long enough to defrost.

4. Check Your Oil Grade. If you look in your owner’s manual, you may find the manufacturer recommends a different oil specification for your vehicle for colder months! Always want to ensure you’re providing the vehicle optimal performance and protection!

5. Prepare for Icy Roadways. Wet and icy roads are slippery so never use cruise control while driving during these winter months. Now this may sound strange, but keep a bag of sand in your trunk. It’s a good thing to have in case you do get stuck on ice. You just sprinkle it on the ice around your tires, it’ll provide enough traction to get you going again.

6. Avoid Panic. The best thing to have in case of an emergency or if your vehicle breaks down is an Emergency Kit. Spending time in freezing temperatures is dangerous, so be prepared with items that can fix the situation like jumper cables, a flashlight, duct tape, a can of Fix-a-Flat, an ice scraper and hand shovel. And for human care be sure to have things like bottled water, extra blankets, gloves and hats and energy bars.

The more you prep, the better off you’ll be if you do happen to have a vehicle issue. So heed these tips for a safe winter driving season! And if you’d like more information on these tips or to have a professional prepare your car for winter driving, head on over to your local Jiffy Lube or visit

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