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Updating Your Nursery: Mom Approved Baby Monitor

If you’re a parent, you know your little one won’t stay small for long! As the saying goes, “they grow up so fast” and you don’t want to miss any moment of it! So whether your baby is napping, playing or doing mischievous things you might want to keep an eye on, having the right baby monitor will allow you to witness all those precious moments and have peace of mind!

With many options to choose from, it’s important to do the research and find just the right one for you. Here’s a great one I always recommend to any of my expecting friends!

It’s the VTech VM5251 Digital Video Baby Monitor and it is loaded with features that help you be completely in touch with your kiddo. When it comes to peeping in on your little ones, this monitor has a fantastic set of viewing options. It has Full Color and Automatic Night Vision and a high resolution 5 inch LCD screen, so you can watch over your little one from anywhere in the house or if you’re out in the yard too, even as the sun dips down. Being able to take the parent unit outside is a game changer - no more being locked in when your kids are down!

And speaking of sleeping, soothing sounds and lullabies can be played right from the camera unit to help baby sleep tight! Sometimes all your baby needs is to hear the sound of your voice, and with this unit - you can comfort them from any room with the built-in two way, talk-back intercom. Plus, the built-in temperature sensor alerts parents if the nursery is getting too hot or too cold. Talk about peace of mind!

As you’ve heard, a baby changes everything, but technology like this VTech baby monitor helps make the transition into a family an easy one! You can never have too many eyes or ears on your little ones and with VTech Baby Care products, parents can keep an eye on the comfort and happiness of their child.

So make sure to update your nursery with this on your next trip to Target or at


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