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Fire Safety in the New Year

There's never a better time to think about your family's safety than at the beginning of a new year. While new year resolutions may quickly fade away, we hope that planning for fire safety is part of your life year-round.

Today's fires burn hotter and faster than ever due to modern furnishings and new lightweight home construction techniques, so pre-planning your family's fire and life safety is extra important.

Today, we’re happy to partner with our friends at the National Fire Sprinkler Association to share some family and home safety tips.

First, always make sure you have a properly installed and working smoke alarm to help prepare and practice a family escape plan should a fire occur.

This second tip is one I always like to remind people of. Always Close Before you Doze. Closing your bedroom door is an additional step that keeps one more barrier between you and any fire that might erupt.

For added protection, installing a home fire sprinkler system is like having built-in firefighters in your home! It's not like the Hollywood movies portray! It takes a fire reaching the 155-degree mark to activate the fire sprinkler closest to the fire and contain the fire to the room of origin.

Take a look at this public service announcement that NFSA prepared to have some fun with the myth regarding all fire sprinklers going off and water.

Remember, everything will dry out, but nothing will un-burn. Protect what you value most---your family, your pets, your treasured family heirlooms and install fire sprinklers today. Fire Sprinklers Buy Time and Time Buys Life.

To learn more, visit and and we hope you have a happy, safe new year.

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