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Oral Care Essentials

You've likely heard that your oral health plays a key role in your overall health. That said, we should be mindful of what we use in our oral care routines, which means it’s important to select the right toothpaste. Natean, is a new brand of toothpaste, that combines consciously-chosen ingredients and scientific research to provide essential oral care benefits such as cleaning, whitening, cavity protection, tartar control and sensitivity relief, when used for brushing twice daily.

Created by a small, passionate team of scientists and herbalists, Natean combines nature and science together in four toothpaste varieties. The Natean formulas expertly balance, scientifically-studied ingredients infused with botanicals for a clean you can feel and feel good about! Packaged with the planet in mind, every tube of Natean is BPA-free, contains post-consumer recycled material and is recyclable, minimizing environmental impact.

Today, we're sharing how each variety meets your oral care needs from whitening to cavity fighting to sensitivity relief, including both fluoride and fluoride-free formulations. Whether your teeth are sensitive, in need of brightening or your preference is fluoride-free, I have no doubt you’ll find a favorite.

As someone with sensitive teeth, I love that Natean Clean + Sensitivity Relief toothpaste not only offers relief, but also cavity protection with fluoride. Plus, it’s formulated with natural orange blossom and mint, as well as extracts from aloe vera and coconut to leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Natean offers multiple toothpaste varieties which blend botanical or fruit extract ingredients and silica to remove stains and whiten your smile. Natean’s fluoride options fight off cavities and the fluoride-free paste, include one charcoal option. They are gentle on enamel and safe for everyday use. All Natean toothpastes are free of artificial flavors, sweeteners and gluten and are vegan-friendly*. With every brush, you’ll enjoy the tasty freshness of natural flavors like peppermint oil, ginger and turmeric for a clean you can feel.

Natean is available exclusively at Walmart, visit your local store or shop to try it for yourself.

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