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Engaging Toys to Extend Fun Beyond the Screen

Kids are spending more time at home right now, and they may have discovered a new show or favorite character that they love, but we know parents still want to make sure their kids are getting a healthy balance of screen time and play time. One way to do that is with engaging toys that extend the fun beyond the screen, to create an imaginative and adventurous playtime experience for them.

If you have little ones of your own, I’m sure you’ve seen Go! Go! Cory Carson streaming on Netflix! The animated preschool series follows the adventures of kid car Cory Carson along with his family and his friends in Bumperton Hills as they navigate the winding roads of childhood. Playtime is made even more exciting by encouraging pretend play tied to the show! The new Go! Go! Cory Carson toy line lets kids create their own adventures for Cory and his friends, with vehicles based on the show’s characters, and playsets inspired by popular scenes from the show....

All of these offer engaging play experiences VTech’s Go! Go! Smart Wheels toys are known for, using technology that brings vehicles to life with fun sounds, phrases and songs, and deliver multi-sensory learning to maximize fun. 

First up, get ready to dance with Go! Go! Cory Carson™ DJ Train Trax & the Roll Train™! Kids can play mixmaster with mini characters Cory and Chrissy Carson on this electronic playset. They can even help Cory and Chrissy dance on stage or roll DJ Train Trax to light up his rainbow chimney while listening to sounds and phrases from the show. Place Cory and Chrissy on the stage to watch them light up, do “The Chrissy,” a signature dance from the show, and hear them interact with DJ Train Trax. 

Next up is Go! Go! Cory Carson™ SmartPoint® Cory, Friends & Bonus Chrissy where they’ll go on adventures in Bumperton Hills! Press the light-up and mechanical buttons on Freddie, Halle and Carson to hear them talk, play music and listen to fun role-play sound effects. Kids can place them on a SmartPoint® location on Go! Go! Cory Carson™ playsets to unlock even more phrases, songs and sounds. 

Moving on to Go! Go! Cory Carson™ Freddie's Firehouse™ where kids can go on a rescue mission! Freddie’s mom, Carolyn Firetruck encourages exploration of all the exciting activities the firehouse has to offer with mini PlayZone™ characters Freddie and Chrissy in this electronic playset. Help Freddie and Chrissy rescue Phil just like in the show, race down the slide to answer the call and activate the PlayZone location at the bottom to hear each character say unique phrases.

And lastly, Cory’s little sister Chrissy loves to tag around with him everywhere, and now she can with Go! Go! Cory Carson™ SmartPoint® Cory & Chrissy! Kids can put Chrissy on Cory’s roof to hear them talk to each other and sing songs for more role-play fun. Press Cory’s light-up windshield button to hear him talk and he’ll tell kids about the colors orange and green, and play three sing-along songs and six melodies. Pushing him around triggers fun sound effects, too! 

To join in on all the adventures with Cory and the gang, check these out at Target stores nationwide and online at (

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